Router RB750UP (with PoE-Output)
Router RB750UP (with PoE-Output)

Router RB750UP (with PoE-Output)

Brand: Router Indoor
Product Code: RB750UP
Availability: In Stock

Dengan RB750UP kita bisa menyalurkan daya via PoE ke perangkat routerboard lainnya (via ether2 hingga ether5). Memiliki 5 buah port ethernet dan satu buah port USB, disertai lisensi routerOS level 4.

Spesifikasi RB750UP
Product Code RB750UP
Architecture MIPS-BE
CPU AR7241 400MHz
Current Monitor No
Main Storage/NAND 64MB
SFP Ports 0
LAN Ports 5
Gigabit No
Switch Chip 1
MiniPCI 0
Integrated Wireless No
MiniPCIe 0
SIM Card Slots No
Power on USB Yes
Memory Cards No
Power Jack 10-28V
802.3af Support No
POE Input 10-28V
POE Output Yes
Serial Port No
Voltage Monitor Yes
Temperature Sensor No
Dimentions 113x89x28mm
Operating System RouterOS
Temperature Range -30C .. +60C
RouterOS License Level4

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